Custom Labels

Order your custom labeled coffee for your fundraiser!

It’s local! It’s delicious! It supports your organization and many others!

We offer a fundraising program through which Café Esperanza can help support your school, church, sports team, band, scout troop, or any organization. Café Esperanza is a local, quality, socially conscious product and a sound fundraising option for your organization — it’s a refreshing alternative to asking your volunteers to sell candy bars, magazine subscriptions, or wrapping paper.

We offer Café Esperanza coffee in 12 oz. re-sealable bags and teas in 3.5 oz. beautiful storage tins at a special price for fundraising; your supporters can sell bags of Café Esperanza in whole beans or as ground coffee or tea at a price you determine. Your organization keeps 100% of the difference and the best part is you can add a personalized label!

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